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Hosting the application

🔨 Installation

Download the source files

Download the latest release (opens in a new tab) from GitHub

Clone the repository (opens in a new tab) with Git if you're planning on frequently updating to the latest version or contributing to development

Open source files

Open the newly created folder (extract the compressed file if you've downloaded the latest release) in Windows Explorer if you're on Windows, or cd remote-file-access-api into the folder otherwise

Install dependencies

Open a new command prompt in the newly created folder/source files and run npm install to install all project dependencies

Did you know - on Windows, you can type cmd or cmd.exe in the Windows Explorer path to open a command prompt in your current directory

That's all! Let's continue by setting up our configuration files

Notice that super-convenient next-section button in the bottom-right of your screen? The one on this page should say Configuration