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Green Mountain Trader


Green Mountain Trader is a public bot for Discord that supports Expansion Market (opens in a new tab), TraderPlus (by Dmitri) (opens in a new tab) and Trader (by Dr. Jones) (opens in a new tab).

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Upload your Market configuration, TraderPlusPriceConfig.json or TraderConfig.txt files respectively to start using this bot in your server.

After uploading, your Discord server can now enjoy browsing the Trader without having to travel there in-game. Very useful if you just want to quickly check if an item is worth bringing to the trader for profit.

Do you want to take your DayZ server's Discord integration to the next level? Learn how to configure in-game item names while browsing traders. After all, you don't want your casual players having to remember class names.

This project is currently in maintenance-only mode, that means new features won't be added, but it still receives bug-fixes and security/performance updates.

Support development and server upkeep