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CFTools Discord Bot


CFTools Discord Bot is a free, open-source, self-host bot for Discord that fully utilizes the CFTools data API

🤩 Features

There's a lot of features, and the following list is incomplete. For a complete overview, check out the available commands.

We'd love to hear your feedback, and we're always looking for new ideas. If you have a feature request, please open an issue on GitHub.

  • Discord > DayZ live chat feed - comes with a tag system and is very customizable
  • Watch List - Receive role-ping notifications when a player in a custom managed list logs in
  • Delayed Killfeed - Delay kill webhook messages (configurable) before forwarding them to a different/public channel
  • Player Lists
  • User-friendly in-game player auto complete
  • Broadcast messages to everyone on server
  • Direct Message (private) online players
  • Managed Priority Queue
  • Player Moderation
  • Manage time & weather
  • Strip players, removing all their possessions
  • Spawn items on players and locations
  • Teleport players: player-to-player, player-to-location, custom locations, coordinates, and more
  • Complete leaderboard integration with all available stats
  • Display detailed player/individual statistics, supports Steam64, BattlEye GUID, and Bohemia Interactive Id
  • Player hit zone % heat maps
  • And best of all, everything is configurable!

💡 Planned Features

  • Execute raw RCon commands - I'm looking for someone that is very knowledgeable on available RCon commands
  • Dedicated Server Status channel, overview with online/offline status
  • Manage Ban lists
  • Manage Whitelists

Open source, self-hosted, and MIT licensed, meaning you're in full control.