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CFTools Discord Bot
Starting the application

Starting the application

Docker (preferred)

The quickest and easiest way to host/start this application is by deploying it inside a Docker (opens in a new tab) container. We recommend Docker Desktop (opens in a new tab).

Build the project

Run docker compose build to create your docker build (this needs to be ran from the project root).

Start the bot

Run the command docker compose up -d to start the bot in the background.

Once the bot is running, you can check the logs by running docker compose logs -f. (ctrl+c to exit)


Start the application using any of the following approaches, in preferred order:

  • npm run pm2:start to keep the process alive with PM2 (opens in a new tab), suitable for production environments. (npm i -g pm2 to install)
  • Use the node . command (stops the bot if you close the command prompt)
  • npm run start:dev if you have nodemon installed for automatic restarts on changes, suitable for development environments