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Developer Application

Discord Developer Application

This application interacts with the Discord API (opens in a new tab) and therefor requires you to create a Discord Developer Application. What you need to know about this side of Discord, is that you have both Applications and bots. What we will be focusing on here is the bot, the Application is mostly used for user authorization on websites using OAuth2 (opens in a new tab), but it's still a requirement for our bot user.

If you were directed here from a different guide or tutorial, there's a button at the bottom of this page that takes you back to your guide
Not all applications can use an existing bot account. If the project you're setting up can't share a bot account with multiple processess, there will be a notice in the project guide - like this one!

Go to Discord Developer Portal

Let's get started by creating the new application by navigating to the Discord Developer Portal (opens in a new tab), and clicking the New Application button in the top right (Located in the Applications left-hand menu)


Create the application

In the modal/prompt that shows up, provide your application with a cool name, and click the checkbox to agree to the Discord Developer Terms of Service (opens in a new tab) and Developer Policy (opens in a new tab)

Don't use Discord in the bot or Application name - this is a reserved keyword for Discord staff and will error if present


Customize your application (optional)

Optionally provide your application with a cool image, description, and some tags for App Directory (opens in a new tab) later on


Obtaining your token

To obtain your token (otherwise referred to as Discord Bot Token), navigate to Bot in the left-hand menu, and click Reset Token - this will invalidate/expire all other tokens - meaning you can only view this secret once, so keep it somewhere safe




This is also where you enable Privileged Gateway Intents for your bot, like Presence Intent, Server Members Intent, and Message Content Intent


If you're setting up the CFTools Discord bot you will need to check the Message Content intent as this is required for multiple modules the bot offers

reset-token copy-token

Add the bot to your server

Lets navigate to OAuth2 in the left-hand menu, and click General in the menu that was expanded.

Alternatively to this guide, if you know what you're doing, replace YOUR_CLIENT_ID with your actual Client ID in the following URL and open it in a new tab:

Client ID

Client ID is your CLIENT_ID - this is also referred to as Discord Bot ID and Application ID

Copy your Client ID, and keep it somewhere safe - you will need this later


URL Generator

Next up, navigate to URL Generator in the same expanded menu (in the OAuth2 left-hand menu)

  1. Click the bot and applications.commands scopes
  2. Click the relevant permissions for your bot, or select Administator if you're not sure
Only give the Administrator permission to bots you own, or bots you otherwise trust. Bots with Administrator are essentially able to wipe your entire Discord server - channel, roles, members, everything - so be careful


Generated URL

Scroll down (stay on the same page), and copy the Generated URL at the bottom of your screen. Open this in a new window.



In this new screen, follow the page's instruction to add the bot to your Discord server:


That's all. You have now created your own Discord Developer Application with Bot user. Note down your credentials for this application, and store them somewhere safe.
Did you know - The Discord Developer portal is directly available at (opens in a new tab)